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     Overseas Education College (also. DEIL Education) is an International learning and Consulting Company across the globe.

Overseas Education College is a branch from Deried Nig Co., Ltd which was founded in 1990, it also corresponds to our registered Chinese company-上海包一夫商务咨询有限公司. We established cooperative relationships between international institutions and universities around the world, sending international students to study abroad. Further, we have led Chinese universities to join international education fairs around the world. In 2015 DEIL Education’s Study in China program began sending international students into Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, North America and Arabian countries.

Due to our excellent performance and service delivery standard, in 2018 significant investment opportunities have presented themselves, and DEIL Education is expanding to increase our portfolio of programs and universities. Our goal is to widen our international corporations to cover all parts of the world for the extensive and widespread of educations.

What We Do?

Overseas Education College utilizes our extensive and strong network to place international students into almost all universities and programs around the world. We have relationships with over 100 different Chinese institutions and over 4000 universities worldwide. The programs we offer cover Diplomas Bachelors, Masters, PhD, Post doctorate etc. Due to our strong relationships, we will continue to grow our network and our portfolio.


Why Overseas Education College?

When we search for educational consultants, we also need to know the right place to go to get admissions to  any country of your choice all over the world…Why DEIL Educations is that we:

1. Conduct an interview to understand your needs and goals

2. Make suggestions and give you recommendations for the best institutions and programs to help you reach your goal

3. Assist you to gather all of the documents you will need for your application process

4. Guide you step by step throughout the application process

5. Advice and guide you through the visa process once you have been accepted by an institution

6. Help you prepare for the move and your arrival to your study destination

7. Make arrangement for airport pick-up and accommodation (this depends on the agent)

8. May provide assistance in finding a job (specialized agents)

9.Advise students on how to fund their studies and how to save money, by informing them about scholarships, student loans etc.

10.Can give you a lot of information about the various universities in all continents.

11.Have qualified educational agents who have an excellent knowledge of the various tertiary education sector and can provide you with all the information you need about the application process and what studying in abroad is really like.

12. Will help you to complete the application forms and will deal directly with the institution on your behalf, which will take some of the work out of the application process for you. We can also assist you apply for a student visa.

13. You don’t have to pay for the service that we provide. However, you will still need to pay an application fee to the institution.


In the last three years some $160 billion USD has been invested in infrastructure through AIIB in China, connecting the mainland in a way it has never been before. Taking advantage of this new infrastructure, we can place students in a great many different locations. These investments demonstrate the Chinese governments’ commitment to investment in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), including in education and scholarships for international students from BRI countries. As such, we at DEIL Education will be able to grow into a strong and reputable organization in the future.

What this means for you?

1. Take advantage of our well-founded networks and our experiences bringing international students into Asia, Europe, South &North America, Caribbean, Arabian, Etc.

2. The opportunity to be invited to become a sole partner of DEIL Educations in the future, to represent your country’s market for DEIL

3. High performing partners will be invited to an annual conference in Beijing, Shanghai for general meetings and awarding ceremonies

4. Be a part of the DEIL Education family and enjoy the benefits.

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