About- Kodolanyi Janos University Hungary

  • About- Kodolanyi Janos University Hungary

     Kodolanyi Janos University (KJU) has been operating since 1992. Our mission is to contribute to the efforts to strengthen the European competitive higher education system and the international integration of Hungarian higher education. As the leader among non-governmental higher education institu-tions, the goal of KJU is to be a Centre of Excellence in education, innovation and research. We employ more than 130 highly qualified faculty members making KJU a medium sized state accredited non-profit private institution of highereducation in Hungary.

Within the framework of our International Campus Program in Budapest, we welcome international students for full-time, part-time and E-learning studies in the study fields of business administration, communication tourism, linguistics, humanities, applied computer sciences, international relations and performing arts. Today we educate about 3,500 students. Our bachelor's and master's degree programs provide sound knowledge, competitive skills and competencies that can serve as a basis for a successful career. During their studies, our students can carry on part-time studies as exchange students and do their internship within the Erasmus+ Program in more than 150 partner institutions on four continents.Our work has been rewarded by numerous national and international quality awards. These awards acknowledge the efforts and achievements of our institution, but the highest reward for us is to know that among our alumni there are several successful business people, executives in the tourism and hospitality industry, mass media experts and celebrities, excellent teachers, and so on. They are the ones that I am most proud of; they are the ones that make our dreams come true!

We hope to welcome you among our students soon!

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