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     Sanming  University is located in the hometown of Dali scholar Zhu Xi in Song Dynasty, Central Soviet Area, Green Capital of China, and Sanming City of Fujian Province. The campus covers an area of 1,421.43 mu, with various building areas of about 403,500 square meters, including 228,600 square meters of teaching administrative buildings and 128,700 square meters of student dormitories. It has a collection of 5,884,800 books (including 4,239,500 electronic books). The total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 229.1943 million yuan. Information systems and network applications basically meet the needs of running schools.

There are 836 full-time teachers, of which 85.17% are full-time teachers with master's degree or above, 42.02% are senior professional titles, and 59.81% are double-qualified teachers. There are 14,092 full-time students.

There are 13 secondary colleges and 41 undergraduate enrollment majors, covering 7 disciplines, such as engineering, science, literature, management, art, education and economics, etc., and a discipline professional system with the emphasis on work, the refinement of teachers and the coordinated development of multiple disciplines has been constructed. There are 4 provincial applied disciplines, 6 provincial key disciplines, 1 national characteristic specialty, 6 provincial first-class specialty construction sites, 12 provincial characteristic specialties, 7 provincial service industry characteristic specialties, and 4 outstanding talent training programs above the provincial level.

Deepen the reform of the training mode of applied talents, and build a five-in-one training mode of applied talents, including professional groups, industrial colleges, project-driven innovation classes, applied teaching teams and courses. There are 5 provincial-level professional groups and 3 university-level professional groups, and 10 industrial colleges, among which sanming university-ZTE ICT Industrial College is the first demonstration industrial college in Fujian Province.

The role of scientific research in promoting teaching has been strengthened. 39 provincial and above scientific research innovation and service platforms have been built, including 2 national platforms and 1 research branch of the School Planning, Construction and Development Center of the Ministry of Education. There are 3 provincial collaborative innovation centers in 2011, 3 provincial engineering technology research centers, 6 provincial engineering research centers, 6 provincial key laboratories, 5 provincial humanities and social science bases, 2 provincial research institutes (research institutes), 2 provincial public service platforms, 2 provincial cultural bases, 1 provincial industrial branch of June 18 collaborative innovation institute, 1 provincial science and technology demonstration base, 1 provincial intellectual property innovation center, and 1 provincial academician expert workstation. In the past three years, it has won 14 Fujian Science and Technology Awards, 1 Fujian Social Science Achievement Award, 14 National Natural Science Foundation Projects and National Philosophy and Social Science Planning Projects, with 343 authorized patents. Journal of sanming university was rated as "Excellent Social Science Periodical of National Universities", "Excellent Periodical of National Local Universities", and "Applied Undergraduate Education Research" column was rated as "Characteristic Column of Social Science Periodical of National Universities".

Actively promote foreign exchanges and cooperation. It is a Fujian-Taiwan Cooperation Project School of the Provincial Department of Education, a Sino-foreign Cooperation Project School of the Ministry of Education and a school for receiving foreign students. It has successively signed cooperation and exchange agreements with 17 universities in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, including Taiwan Province University of Science and Technology of China, Central University of Taiwan Province, Hong Kong Institute of Higher Science and Technology and Macau University of Science and Technology, and established cooperative relations with universities and institutions in the United States, Russia, Australia, Japan and South Korea.

Adhering to the school motto of "Ming De, Ming Li, Ming Zhi" and creating the spirit of "Hard Work and Pursuing Excellence", the school-running level and teaching quality are recognized by the society. For three consecutive years, the employment rate of graduates remained above 97% (affected by the epidemic situation, the employment rate was 90.41% in 2020, and it was awarded as "Advanced Unit of Employment and Entrepreneurship for College Graduates in Fujian Province"), and the employer of graduates had higher satisfaction. In recent years, it has won a series of honorary titles, such as National Advanced Unit of Spiritual Civilization Construction, National Advanced Collective of Greening, National Model Unit of Greening, National Red Flag Youth League Committee of May Fourth Movement, Fujian Civilized School, Advanced Collective of Security and Stability in Fujian Universities, Huaxia Scholarly Campus, and National Reading Demonstration Base.

Adhering to the vision of "creating a strong applied university, educating and applying talents", the school implements the strategy of "transformation, upgrading quality and increasing value", deepens the integration of production and education, adheres to the connotation development, keeps pace with the new era, and is striving for the grand goal of building a local first-class applied university!

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About -  Sanming  University

About - Sanming University

     Sanming  University is located in the hometown of Dali scholar Zhu Xi in So..

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